The Process

About Glass Production

The ancient craftsmen who created it jealously guarded the secrets of glass making.

To this day, it still fascinates – combining strength with clarity, fragility with permanence, it is an “everyday” material which can be transformed into stunning works of art.

To produce glass, silica (derived from sand, flint, or quartz) is melted with lime, potash and soda in a furnace, then poured and floated on a bed of molten tin. This mass slowly solidifies over the molten tin as it undergoes a controlled cooling process in an annealing oven. Compounds mixed with the silica can impart any characteristic or colour required for function as well as appearance.

Controlled variations in temperature and cooling rate further affect physical properties such as hardness.

Jade Glass

Jade glass, which we use, is very hard, clear glass finished to a high polish. It's name comes from the jade green tint apparent when the glass is viewed from the side. This colour comes from the iron ore content in the silica used to produce the glass.

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Our Production

Producing a Clear Reflections Light of Remembrance takes many steps and is touched by many hands along the way, from your order, to shipping, the final stage.

Your order form is received by our order input department where it is given a purchase order number and sent in to our graphics department where a proof is produced and sent to the person who placed the order for approval. Once approved, our production process begins.

The photos below will take you through the major steps in our production process.

Ensuring the proof fits exact
A lot of different measurements are needed
Measure twice, etch once
Making sure it's perfect before etching
Many stages of prep prior to etching
Glass is thoroughly cleaned before etching
Glass is wrapped to protect all but the etching area
All measured and ready to etch
Etching the star
Etching the calendar
Etching a unique piece
Peeling the protective layer after etching
Cleaning after etching
More cleaning after etching
A special glue adheres to the base
Making sure it's a perfect fit
Attaching the upright to the base
Ensuring proper adhesion
Beautifully packaged
Packaged and ready to ship

Bring us your imagination and we'll create something
you will be proud to give and happy to receive.

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