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A Desire To Remember

Light of Remembrance Yahrzeit Calendar

Our signature piece



Adaptable for any ethnicity or denomination.


Custom Recognition

Our group of companies has been producing the Oscar® Trophy since 1982!


Glass and Wood Lecterns, Podiums & Pulpits

From three to six panels, custom build your own podium!

Our custom design arm, in conjunction with Clear Reflections, has created such prestigious awards as a signature piece for Friends of Simon Wiesenthal to present to The Bare Naked Ladies; the inaugural awards for CAFA, Canadian Arts and Fashion Award; Sick Children’s Hospital, Operation Herbie; UofT Faculty of Dentistry; Funeral Service Association; Unicorn Dream Dinner (in support of Pediatric Palliative Care); Toronto Distress Centres; and many more.

Disclaimer: Each glass product is hand built and finished. As a result, minor variations may occur from piece to piece. Dimensions and descriptions provided here are approximate, and photos may slightly differ from the most currently produced model. Caution is always urged in the usage of any glass product, due to its brittleness and vulnerability to scratching. Careful handling will preserve the beauty of your pieces and ensure their safety.

Bring us your imagination and we'll create something
you will be proud to give and happy to receive.

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Proud supplier to:

SCI (Service Corporation International) and Dignity Memorial

Our products produced by:

St Regis Group of Companies, parent company of RS Owens, maker of Oscar Trophy